Our Coaching Program


At PMRNC, we don’t believe our job is done just by providing students with courses. We think this is just the beginning. Whether you are looking at medical billing as a career or a business stadoortosuccessrt-up, we want to walk you through the door of success. 

PMRNC has something unique. With the completion of our E-Master Learning Series, you will not only receive a certificate of completion but we will provide you with 90 days free coaching with our structured coaching program. We will help you build a resume, guide you as you look for a job, help you create a marketing plan if you plan to start your own business. Whatever your goal is, we want to be with you as you start your career in medical billing. Our structured coaching program will consist of the following:

  1. One-on-one meetings via phone, online chat or email, YOUR choice of any and all available outlet’s of communication.
  2. We will assist you with creating your own personal plan of either employment or maybe a business start-up. We will go over and evaluate the various options so you can make the right choice for you. We will even explain to you that it’s not as hard as you think OR as costly to start your own business!
  3. You will receive a FREE one year membership to PMRNC. If you were or are already a PMRNC member, your annual renewal is FREE!
  4. Resume or business plan advising, we will help you create a good resume or business plan if you have decided to start your own business.
  5. In addition, you will receive our support and wisdom to help guide you on making the right choices in starting your new career.

Once you have completed all courses within your E-Master Medical Billing Series of courses, one of our course instructors will contact you to begin the coaching program setup. Your instructor will provide you with a detailed report of your course completion and a consultation will be setup to go over your course results. Your instructor will also help set you up on a schedule that is flexible to your schedule.

When you have completed your 90 day coaching program with us, your instructor will determine and advise you if additional coaching may be needed and you will be eligible to receive additional coaching time at a significant discount.

If you have already completed medical billing courses elsewhere or with another educational institute, college, or third-party, you can still purchase our coaching programs. Simply send us a message by clicking here, complete the contact form and please be sure to include the courses you have taken, any education or experience you may already have and your goals for the future. Include also how you would like to see the PMRNC coaching program help you!

All course and exam enrollment fees are final. Absolutely no refunds. If you need an extension to begin or complete your course or exam, please email us at students@medbillerscourse.com Dismiss